Objectives of the Council
The Council seeks to achieve the following objectives:

To be one of the mechanisms of action of Libyan companies and joint working in the field of oil, gas and other energy areas.
Solve the obstacles and problems faced by the private sector in the field of oil and gas.
Creating workshops oil from the private sector with the Ministry of Oil and Energy and its institutions.
The establishment of a media center specialist to identify and publicize the Council and to discuss trade and economic issues and the scientific literature.
Stand next to Libyan companies and joint working in the field of energy to help them overcome what may Atardhm the difficulties in their fields and the preservation of their rights and to ensure that their investment at home and abroad in all activities in accordance with the The establishment of a charitable fund to support civil society institutions.
Provide advice to the relevant ministries in the Council.
Conduct studies and research in the areas of development, conferences, seminars and workshops, including lead to Ttaiwinha.
Work to support and strengthen cooperation and communication with counterpart councils and unions in different countries.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]