LCOG to meet NOC and subsidiaries to discuss increased role for Libyan private sector

  • The Libyan Council for Oil and Gas (LCOG), the pressure group representing the Libyan private sector oil and gas industry, will be holding a meeting with the National Oil Corporation (NOC) and its subsidiaries next Tuesday 25 April.The meeting will be held at 10 am at the ground floor conference room of the NOC headquarters, in Tripoli.

    LCOG chairman, Khalid Ben Othman informed the Libya Herald that there will be three main discussion points at the meeting.

    Firstly, to give the opportunity to Libyan companies to implement local projects and logistics in the onshore and offshore Libyan oil and gas sector.

    Secondly, if a foreign contractor is participating, give precedence to local companies for bids to supply materials and spare parts to this contractor.

    And thirdly, promote and urge foreign oil companies to form partnerships (JVs) with local oil companies, especially local projects and logistics.

    By Sami Zaptia.

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